25 April 2018
The Big Picture: Digitalisation and Connectivity

The Digital Journey for Shipping

GOH Opening Address
Dr Lam Pin Min, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Transport & Ministry of Health

MOU Signing Ceremony

Keynote Address: Macro Trends Impacting Future Shipping

  • Digital innovation touch points
  • Encroachment of e-commerce, and online retailer expectations
  • Emerging e marketplaces and impacts

Jeremy Nixon, Chief Executive Officer, Ocean Network Express

The Marine Digitisation and Smart Shipping Roadmap – What to expect in the near future? 

  • Shipping cycle, sea trade patterns and economics
  • Smart shipping trends
  • What are, and should be the priorities for digitalisation?
  • Changing business models empowering industry

Dr Martin Stopford, President, Clarkson Research 

From Rhetoric to Reality – Mapping the Investment Outlook for Digital Technologies in Shipping

  • What technologies are gaining traction and what are owners investing in?
  • Identifying opportunities in digital technologies for the industry at large
  • Tech investment drivers for shipping, and what will lead to more uptake
  • A cohesive approach for investing in manpower

Marco Ryan, Chief Digital Officer, Wärtsilä Corporation

Aleksander Stensby, Chief Digital Officer, Torvald Klaveness
Ed Stening, Chief Digital Officer, CMA CGM
Martin Kolbe, Chief Information Officer, Kuehne + Nagel
Hans Rook, Chairman, The International Port Community Systems Association (IPCSA) 

Opening of Exhibition

Ship Owner Case Study: Blockchain-based Supply Chain Business Network Innovations

  • Strategic and commercial considerations on improving shipping business
  • Achieving better security, efficiency and transparency in regional supply chain business networks

Teo Siong Seng, Managing Director, Pacific International Lines

Leveraging Technology for the Next Growth Cycle

  • Innovate or perish
  • Automating repetitive tasks
  • Leverage technology to compete and mitigate risks posed by human factor and its associated losses
  • Data driven decision making to replace risky gut-based decision making

Capt. Rajesh Unni, Chief Executive Officer, Synergy Marine Group

Case Study: Future of Freight and Digitalisation

  • Where is the future of freight market headed?
  • The nature of digitised freight market and change in shipper/forwarder relationship
  • Key points on profitability, data, emerging technologies and customer expectations

Joyce Tai, Managing Director Asia and Executive Vice President Business Development, Freightos

Case Study: Digital Disruption in shipping
Argyris Stasinakis, Partner, Board Member and Business Development, MarineTraffic


Global Digitalisation and Connectivity

Deploying a Data Driven Digital Reporting Framework for Better Vessel Management

  • Highlight on digital reporting systems onboard as part of its ship management operations
  • Using big data to perform statistical analysis and develop dimensions of visualised reporting
  • Internet of Things (IoT) – a near possibility?
  • Wilhelmsen Group’s digital footprint and future ambitions

Inge Andre Sandvik, Chief Digital Officer, Wilhelmsen Group

Fireside Chat:
Digital Disruption – Managing the Transition to Smart Shipping

Interviewer: Richard Meade, Managing Editor, Lloyds List
Interviewee: Global Logistics Company (To be confirmed)

Changing Landscape of E-Commerce: How will it Transform Shipping?

  • E-commerce trends affecting traditional shipping business
  • Efficient logistics and supply chain networks, custom clearance services and digitised platforms
  • Alliances between e-commerce and shipping lines – what it means for customers and industry in the near future?

James Chang, Chief Executive Officer Crossborder Logistics, Lazada

Accelerating Digital Transformation – What will it take? 
Marco Ryan, Chief Digital Officer and Executive Vice President, Wärtsilä Corporation

Afternoon Coffee

Strengthening the Global Supply Chain through Internet of Things, Data, and Analytics

  • Transformation of logistics and supply chain industry
  • How are IoT, data and analytics improving logistics and supply chain
  • Industry transformation and skills development
  • Case study of integrated facility and ecosystem to develop new technologies

Kerry Mok, Chief Executive Officer, YCH Group

Case Study: MOL’s Initiative on Next Generation Autonomous Ship 

  • Autonomous ships technology that provide reliable, safe, and efficient ocean transport
  • Current research and development of autonomous ships

Yoshikazu Kawagoe, Managing Executive Officer, Technical, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines

Close of Day One

26 April 2018
Systems, Tools and Applications for Digitalisation

Smart Technologies and Applications

Digital Ships and IoT

Strategy Think Tank: Harnessing Digitalisation

  • What technologies will truly transform
  • Challenges presented and solutions

Inge Andre Sandvik, Chief Digital Officer, Wilhelmsen Group
Carl Henrickson – General Manager, Shipping & Maritime, Shell International Trading and Shipping Company
Clara Ng, Group Procurement Head, Strategic Development, The China Navigation
Kam Poh Yuen, Assistant Vice-President, Group Technology, PSA International

Digital Transformation Through Innovation

Jan Wilhelmsson, Chief Digital Officer, Navig8 Group

An Overview of Select IoT and Big Data Projects to Date, and Results

Paul Walters – Director, Global CyberSafety, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)

Morning Coffee

Autonomous Systems & Sensors

Facilitating Disruptive Innovation – The Norwegian Approach

Svein David Medhaug, Project Manager – Autonomous Ships and Digitalisation, the Norwegian Maritime Authority  

Data and Autonomous Ships: The Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine for Maritime Industry through Predictive Analytics

Mauro Sauco, Office of the CTO, Google Cloud

Intelligent Awareness System – a Building Block for Autonomous Ships

Esa Jokioinen, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Ship Intelligence, Rolls Royce

Autonomous Ship Case Study: Innovative Maritime Technology for more Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Shipping 


IMO Maritime Safety Committee Updates on New International Legal Framework for the Safe Operation Autonomous Vessels

Grant Hunter, Head of Contracts & Clauses, BIMCO

Big Data in Practice

Improving Ship Safety Through Big Data Application

Dr. Pierre C Sames, Group Technology and Research Director, DNV GL

NYK Line’s Case Study: Demonstrating the impact of Big Data on Ship efficiency

Hideyuki Ando, Senior General Manager, Monohakobi Technology Institute (MTI)

Afternoon Coffee

Blockchain Disruption

Case Study: The how and why of Blockchain in the Maritime Industry 

Korea’s Nexledger Case Study: Reshaping the supply chain through Blockchain Ledger Technology

David Ham, Head of Global Business Development, Partnerships / Alliances, Global Strategy – Blockchain Business Team, Samsung SDS

Close of Conference

Strategy and Business of Digitalisation

Business of Digitalisation

Case Study: Towards a Digital Platform for Cargo Customers

Aleksander Stensby, Chief Digital Officer, Torvald Klaveness

A Finance Perspective on Investment and ROI for Digitalisation

Michael White, Head of Global Trade Digitisation, Maersk Line

Driving Digital Transformation at CMA-CGM to Improve Customer Experience

Ed Stening, Chief Digital Officer, CMA CGM

Morning Coffee

Demonstrating the Digitalisation business case with Ocean Schedule Data

Chantal Gouka, ‎Digital Services Lead and Senior Advisor, Port of Rotterdam Authority

Digitalisation Trends in the Port Industry

Sam Wei Hoong, Vice President of Information Technology, Jurong Port

Driving market place efficiencies in the Dry Bulk Freight Services Industry

Fergus Eley, Ocean Freight Strategy Head, BHP Billiton

New R&D Highlight: Towards Smart Vessels, Digital Twinning and Human Digital Interaction

Professor Chan Eng Soon, Chief Executive Officer, Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine, Singapore (TCOMS)


Business Process Improvement

Case Study: Evolution of Vessel Tracking and Monitoring Technology

Improving Cargo Flow Visibility and Predictability through Digital

Teo Chin Seng, Senior Vice President – Information Technology, DP World

Improving Visibility and Collaboration in the Container Supply Chain Forging New Efficiencies Via Cloud Technology

Robert Inchausti, Chief Technology Officer XVELA

Digitising of Container Supply Chain through Live Data from IoT

Afternoon Coffee

Digital Innovation Strategy

Port of Amsterdam: Digitalisation Strategies for Smart, Clean and Efficient port

Arjan Kampman, Head of IT, Port of Amsterdam

Identifying the Technology Gaps, Applications and Processes for Vessel Systems

Rajan Mathur, AGM and Head of Competence Management System Group, K Line

Close of Conference

*Session outline may change to accommodate market-specific or company development.