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Organised by Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)

Government led maritime technology event

Showcase Maritime Technology Solutions

Feature your bespoke technology solutions to targeted audience in shipping and port industry from the region

Targeted Positioning

Participate in high-level discussion in the conference and network with 800+ regional leaders from global maritime industry

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Sponsorship Opportunities 
Sponsoring a part of SMTC allows organisations to raise their profile among key decision makers in the international marine fuels industry. Here is your chance to:

  • Create company exposure
  • Strengthen your brand position
  • Update the industry with new products / services
  • Reinforce relationships
  • Raise your profile before, during and after the event

Exhibition Opportunities
In conjunction with the conference, an exhibition featuring the latest R&D and technological products, systems and services in the port, maritime and offshore industries will be organised. Target global budget holders at Singapore’s top marine technology event. Customise your booth, take advantage of our innovative exhibitor packages, and make an investment into your company’s future. This is your opportunity to:

  • Demonstrate new products
  • Get involved in product exhibition showcases
  • Reach out to both new and existing clients
  • Network with industry leaders
  • Secure new contacts in the industry

Sponsorship Enquiries
Sponsorship opportunities are now also available. To position your company as a market leader at this event, and to explore the range of branding and marketing opportunities available, please contact:

Yvonne Leong
+65 6508 2489

The maritime community faces many challenges in collecting, managing and ensuring the validity of seafarer’s personal data and documentation. This has become more difficult with increased data privacy legislation.

Ankaa is a unique digital platform, linked to a crew app, that allows employers and crew managers to chart the most complete picture of their crew data in real-time.

  • Ankaa Marine simplifies crew management with automation features and alerts, and increases employee engagement
  • Ankaa Recruiter is designed to recruit seafarers with less paper, less admin and more quality connections.

Our flagship product, Gleematic, is an intelligent robotic process automation (RPA). It mimics mouse clicks and keyboard strokes of humans to complete processes on computers.

It incorporates artificial intelligence functions such as predictive analysis, data extraction, and machine learning to:

  • Enter/ extract data to and from multiple I.T. applications
  • Fill in customers’ information for seaway bills, exporting to PDF, emailing out
  • Check data from multiple systems for bill of lading processes
  • Do other office-tasks on computer

Today, Haulio is Singapore’s fastest-growing digital network of haulage service providers. Through our technology, Haulio provides our users with greater visibility and access to information on their jobs, enabling them to work more efficiently and seamlessly.

Portcast makes logistics profitable, with dynamic predictions that are custom-designed for logistics. We use machine learning and artificial intelligence to create predictions for “how much cargo will be shipped, from where and when”. The engine ingests data from multiple points in the supply chain and combines it with external world uncertainties (economic indices, climate and satellite-based IoT data) to dramatically improve prediction results. The technology is proven to predict results with over 95% accuracy and enabling profitability to be improved by as much as 6 – 15%. In short, Portcast turns market volatility into competitive advantage for logistics companies.